Stories of spirituality, culture, and identity from Latinx perspectives. This podcast is a project of Encuentros Latinx, an LGBTQ Latinx ministry in the United Church of Christ. New episodes each month on 1st Saturdays.

My guest today is one of my old critique partners from my senior seminar creative writing class in college. Poet and educator Angeley Crawford shares the rich tapestry of her Blackness rooted in Costa Rica, the Caribbean, the West Indies, and other African diaspora communities that shaped her. She also shares her experiences as an educator, what formed her as a creative writer, and other amazing projects she’s a part of. Listen to the end for some spoken word, but for now, let’s get right into this encuentro.

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"The X in Latinx is a Wound, Not a Trend" by Alan Peleaz Lopez

Encuentros Latinx Podcast is hosted by Taylor Ramage and edited by Storm Miguel Florez.

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