Stories of spirituality, culture, and identity from Latinx perspectives. This podcast is a project of Encuentros Latinx, an LGBTQ Latinx ministry in the United Church of Christ. New episodes each month on 1st Saturdays.

General Synod is fast approaching and Encuentros Latinx will be there! We’ll be running a couple of workshops, one of which is working through our racism toolkit and that will be facilitated by yours truly and my guest for today’s episode: Rhina Ramos!

Rhina is the current president, leader, la jefa of Encuentros Latinx, the one who keeps us all organized and moving forward on all of the work this ministry does. In this episode, she shares how she has always lived into her proud immigrant identity, and details her winding faith journey. We talk about the origin and vision of Encuentros Latinx, the impact it’s had so far, and share more details about our upcoming workshops! How many UCC acronyms can we fit into a single episode?

Episode recorded by Taylor Ramage and edited by Storm Miguel Flores.

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